Glee Flash Mob and MS Walk

A few weeks ago we participated in our first flash mob! It was a really cool experience. Prior to the actual flash mob, we went to a rehearsal to learn the dance. That was followed by practicing at home with a YouTube instructional video.

At the day of the flash mob, we all met in a park in Seattle for a final practice. Besides us, there were about 1,000 people there! Then we finally received details where and when the flash mob would happen. There were 3 locations around Seattle, and the times were all 1 hour after another.

It all started at Westlake Center. People next to us were quite surprised and confused when we started dancing all of a sudden The whole thing was filmed as well. Below is the official video.

Suffice to say, we had a lot of fun. The next day wasn’t less eventful though. We got up early in the morning and participated in the annual MS Walk. We were part of Team Blitz, together with 250 other people. Again, the weather was great and we had a great time walking and raising money/awareness for MS.

Glee Flash Mob and MS Walk


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Blogging from OneNote

This is a blog, co-authored from OneNote WebApps and OneNote 2010 on the PC.


This was written in OneNote 2010.


You can co-author a blog simultaneously on the web and PC.


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My experience with LiveMesh

I wrote about the release of LiveMesh a couple of weeks ago. For the past 10 days I’ve been using LiveMesh and am a fan! It very simple to create your own Mesh of devices for synching data and even getting remote access to a device. It’s great to see how integrated LiveMesh is with Windows. I can simply right-click on a folder within Windows and add it to my Mesh or share it with others. Simply enter the email address of the person you want to share it with and they get an invitation. The shared folder is then added to their desktop and will be synched. As the owner of the folder you can also determine access rights and how often and with which devices you want to synch a “Meshed” folder. I now have access to my ‘My Documents’ folder on my home PC from anywhere. I simply have to access my Mesh through a browser and get to all the shared folders. Also, it’s possible to access a remote machine that way. LiveMesh takes care of all the firewall piercing, which makes this whole process super easy. I can now access my home PC from any web browser without needing any kind of special software – very cool.

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eCommerce Security

I stumbled across an interesting article on the security of eCommerce sites today. Just yesterday, hackers defaced the Comcast web site, preventing customers from accessing their emails. For eCommerce sites, the customer and associated credit card data is obviously very critical to keep safe. This requires database connections to be very secure and put an emphasis on IT to keep their database software up to date and worry about code vulnerabilities. I was surprised to read that in the US 24% of consumers don’t purchase online because they’re concerned about credit card security.

Also, Akami just released their first State of the Internet report, which has some interesting data around broadband penetration and web site attacks. 6% of all attacks were on MS SQL Server, supporting the issues raised in the eCommerce Times article.

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Enterprise Web 2.0

While at MIX08 I wrote about the session on Web 2.0 businesses and how they’re still looking for a business model to make money (besides advertising). I just found this article in the ECommerce Times, which talks about Web 2.0 technologies moving into the enterprise. One of the much talked about things recently is how consumers drive technology adoption in the enterprise (i.e. mobile phones, IM) and I think Web 2.0 is another one of those change agents. According to the Forrester study, enterprises are expected to spend about US$4.6B annually on Web 2.0 technologies! That’s a lot of money.

Read the ECommerce Times article and then watch the Channel 9 interview with Ray Ozzie on Live Mesh. It’s easy to see how these technologies all have to work within the consumer and the enterprise world. Particularly, as work-life-balance in this always-on society really morphs into work-life-integration.

Update: Robert Scoble takes a closer look at Live Mesh.

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Online Buying Behavior for Software

I just came across a very interesting survey conducted by NPD that looked at the online purchase behavior for software. It covered both download as well as physical product ordering. Following are a couple of highlights around ESD.

  •  59% of all users prefer to download their product over going to a store; 23% of those also order a backup CD at additional cost
  • Online purchases are primarily planned (63%) and rarely impulse buy
  • 36% find it more convenient to purchase online; 28% wanted to download software right away; 5% of purchases was for a trail conversion (!)
  • 20% heard about the software from friend or relative; 17% saw an advertisement; 11% received email communication; 10% went to the software publisher’s web site
  • Biggest influencers in software purchase decision: Conversion 18% (mainly system utilities); Immediate need 17%; Loyalty to brand 15%

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How Apple can learn from Microsoft…

Interesting article on ZDNet about Apple software updates vs. Microsoft/Windows Update.

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