On this blog I will be posting (hopefully) interesting information about Elctronic Software Distribution (ESD), eCommerce, and cool web stuff in general.

What’s so interesting about ESD?

Although everybody is talking/writing about SaaS, S+S, etc. most software is still used as an installable application on a PC/Mac. The distribution of that sofware occures mainly via retail and physical product. With increasing broadband penetration and overall Internet use, this doesn’t make sense anymore. Why buy a box with CDs and manuals, when you can get everything electronically. Besides faster delivery (as in instantly), there’s also a benefit to the environment.

So, I will use this blog to talk about this topic and share information I find on the subject.

 About Me…

I’m currently a Group Product Manager at Microsoft, responsible for ESD/e-commerce. I’ve been in this industry since the early 90’s, initially with online pioneer CompuServe. Other entries on my resume are: WallData, Netpodium, Akamai Technologies, GiftCertificates.com.


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